Piper Cherokee Warrior

PA-28-151 C-GMHQ

The Piper Cherokee is an excellent airplane for cross-country flying, with low wings that give an incredible view of the sky, a very comfortable ride and smooth landings every time.

EngineLycoming 4 cylindres O-320
Maximum take-off weight2325 lbs
Unloaded weight1429.35 lbs
Payload895.65 lbs
Limit of the luggage hold200 lbs
Gas tank50 gal
Power150 HP
Seat1 Pilote 3 passager
DescriptionThe Piper Cherokee is an excellent aircraft for cross-country flying, its low wings give an incredible view of the sky, it’s very comfortable and makes smooth landings every time.
EquipmentsG5 HSI paired with a latest-generation Garmin LPV GNC355 GPS, touchscreen, Bluetooth and super-intuitive, it lets you connect your cell phone or tablet to quickly synchronize your flight plan. Smooth, intuitive IFR procedures. A GI275 EIS allows you to monitor engine parameters easily and clearly.
Règle de volVFR et IFR
Data for guidance only. Please refer to the POH specific to your device.
Maximum speed135 mph
Cruising speed (75% power)133 mph
Stall speed (flaps released)58 mph
Takeoff distance1065 pi
Landing distance595 pi
Rate of climb649 pi/min
Maximum altitude12700 pi kt
Fuel consumption (average at 75% power)9.2 gal
Range (average 75% power)705 sm
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  • New, state-of-the-art equipment
  • Kept up to date

Our IFR-equipped Piper PA-28 gives you the freedom to fly even in bad weather. This Warrior is stable, smooth and fun to fly.

Touchscreen and Bluetooth

Garmin GPS GNC355 LPV

Garmin GI275 EIS

Garmin G5 HSI


  • LED landing light
  • Well lit ramp

The night flight is pleasant and safe in this modern, well-equipped aircraft.


  • Intuitive navigation
  • Advanced IFR approach
  • Clear and Powerful Radio
  • Touch Screen

Quickly download your flight plan from your cell phone thanks to Bluetooth functionality.