Cessna 172 SuperHawk 180 HP 
C-172 N  C-GAGN

The Cessna 172 is the most popular airplane in America, used by all flying schools, it’s a plane that everyone flies during their training. Our SuperHawk 180hp version, with a maximum weight of 2550 lbs, is a true 4-seater (726 lbs of payload available even with 50 gallons of fuel!!), with an impressive rate of climb and incredible agility. What’s more, it’s equipped with 4 LED landing lights and a fully backlit panel, making it a very comfortable and fun aircraft.

EngineLycoming 4 cylindres O-360-A4M
Maximum take-off weight2550 lbs
Unloaded weight1525.3 lbs
Payload1024.67 lbs
Limit of the luggage hold120 lbs
Gas tank56 gal
Power180 HP
Seat1 pilote 3 passagers
EquipmentDeux AV-30 Instruments multifonctions Électronique
ADSB TailBeacon X
DescriptionThe Cessna 172 is an Icon aircraft, used by most flightschools, its a plane that almost all pilot have already flown. Our version, the SuperHawk 180hp, with a max weight of 2550 pd, is a true 4 seater (726 pd payload available with 50 gallons de fuel !!) , it is an agile plane with an impressive climb rate. It is also equipped with 4 LED landing light and a fully backlit panel which make it a very confortable night flying plane.
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Maximum speed126 kt
Cruising speed (75% power)122 kt
Stall speed53 kt
Takeoff distance700 pi
Landing distance575 pi
Rate of climb1200 pi/min
Maximum altitude19500 pi
Fuel consumption (average at 75% power)10.2 gal
Range (average 75% power)646 nm
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  • Legal in US control areas
  • Increased safety through transmission of aircraft position according to the latest standards

Volez en toute sécurité Partout !


  • Premium Backlit instrument
  • Well-lit ramp
  • 4 LED landing light

The night flight is pleasant and safe in our modern, well-equipped aircraft.

Powerful 180 HP engine

  • Impressive climb rate
  • Real 4-seater
  • Go high, go above the clouds quickly if you have your OTT